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Driffield, East Yorkshire, in photographs and pictures

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This is a site dedicated to those people who have moved away from Driffield - and especially those folk who still miss the town. Over the coming months I shall be adding old pictures which show Driffield as it used to be. The Driffield of times gone by, the Driffield of your memories. I hope you enjoy my small space on the web. It's been fun building it.

Beverley Road - undated
driffield beverley road
It hasn't changed much - apart from the traffic

As this is a photo-led site dedicated to the history of the town, most of the pictures will be in black and white. I don't think any of them are copyright as they are mainly from old post cards. If you have any in your collection which you would like adding, feel free to drop me an email...

Market Place with its open air market
driffield george street
Markets now run from George St to Market Place

An old picture of Driffield
driffield shop
This is the corner of Market Place - where the NatWeat now stands

The All Saints Church seen from Church Str
driffield church
circa 1904 - so the scene is different today!

Brief encounter - Driffield railway station
driffield railway station
The canopy has disappeared so it has lost a little of its atmosphere

I can't date this Parish Church congregation
driffield all saints church
Perhaps the clothes give a good indication?

Beautiful Kings Mill
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It has now been preserved as the Millennium Green, which is nice!