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Driffield, East Yorkshire, in photographs and pictures

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I thought this was Elmswell Old Hall - wrong!!
It is in fact the home of the early twentieth century local archaeologist J. R. Mortimer at Fimber

Sheep being driven along Beverley Road
Imagine trying to do that these days...

There doesn't seem to be anywhere else on the web containing many old pictures of Driffield - if you know of a site, email me and I shall provide a link

The corner of Eastgate South and New Road
The building on the left is now flats, as is the site of the shop on the right

Elmswell Old Hall built 1634 by Henry Best
He was the author of a famous account of 17th century agriculture

All Saints Church, Driffield
It looks pretty much the same these days - although the gravestones are gone

The Poor Law Institution on Bridlington Road.
It later became part of the East Riding General Hospital, but has since been demolished